Women Automotive Network Celebrates International Leaders’ Success Stories During Annual Summit

Women Automotive Network Celebrates International Leaders’ Success Stories During Annual Summit

by Marketing October 22, 2021

The 3rd Annual Women Automotive Summit, held on 21-22nd June, brought 501 automotive professionals from 34 countries together under one platform!

UK – The Summit is all about celebrating women’s success and the many milestones women have achieved. The 3rd Annual Women Automotive Summit held on 21-22nd June celebrated women’s success by bringing 501 automotive professionals together under one platform and highlighted their incredible experience to benefit the wider community. Following the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day, I.e., #ChoosetoChallenge, these women and tech leaders became a source of inspiration for women across the globe and challenged them to take diverse paths.

What was more impressive about the Annual Summit was the diversity and enthusiasm it fostered, which reflect women’s immense passion, commitment, and dedication to making this world a better and more inclusive place. The 501 attendants represented 34 countries and spent over four hours networking to know each other and share their learning experiences. Additionally, the Summit invited 37 exceptional leaders and speakers who gave the participants invaluable insights into the evolving tech industry and guiding them to become the next big leaders of this world. Some of the speakers included Nica Huestegge, Head of Digital Practice, Capgemini; Inga Maurer, Partner, McKinsey & Company, Chicago, USA; Sabine Scheunert, Vice President Digital & IT Sales/Marketing, Mercedes-Benz AG; Linda Jackson, Global CEO Peugeot & Member of Top Executive Team, Stellantis; Josephine Payne, Craiova Site Director and President Ford of Romania, Ford Motor Company. Additionally, the Summit included speakers such as Angie Gifford, Vice President of Central Europe, Facebook; Dr. Sandra Maus, Co-Director Customer Advisory Automotive & Manufacturing, and last but not the least, Lindsay Bridges, SVP Human Resources, UK&I, DHL Supply Chain. The guidance, support, and mentoring of these professionals, community leaders, and industry experts widened the horizons of automotive professionals, provided them fresh perspectives, and offered groundbreaking ideas and insights regarding the rapidly changing dynamics of the tech industry.

“Great experience to connect with women from all over the globe on a professional and personal level” – Vice President, Capgemini.”

“Amazing to learn with the best – Director Value Chain – Toyota.”

The third Annual Women Automotive Summit serves to be a platform for global diversity and tech discussions. It won’t be wrong to say that the Summit fueled the passion of attendees who feel inspired to contribute to the tech industry and revolutionize the world with their ideas and innovations. The Women Automotive Summit would like to give special thanks to its Network partners: McKinsey & Company, TE Connectivity, DHL, Capgemini, HARMAN International, SAP, Flex, Facebook, Daimler Trucks AG, Jaguar Land Rover, AA Thornton, Raare Solutions LLC, AkzoNobel, heycar, WirelessCar, Micron Technology, Ford Motor Company, AUDI AG, Bridgestone, Altair, LEONI, Tuxera, DriveTime, for making this Summit possible. Get ready to join the next Women Automotive Network Winter Meetup scheduled for 23rd November 2021!

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