Stanislava Winkler SAP Germany Speaker Interview

Stanislava Winkler SAP Germany Speaker Interview

by Marketing June 03, 2019
Stanislava Winkler SAP

Stanislava Winkler SAP Germany Speaker Interview – Stuttgart

Why are you speaking at the Women Automotive Summit?
It is great to be a part of the Women Automotive Summit as it combines two of my great passions – the thrilling Automotive industry and the future of work when it comes to female leadership.

Why do you think such an event is important to the industry?
Diversity and inclusion have proven to be key business drivers, strongly affecting the financial and social success of Automotive companies as much as any other industry. Women in Automotive is a chance to solidify our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion while also proving that we have already gone a long way in the industry.

What will you be speaking about / contributing to the event?
Ellen and I will jointly speak about the reasons the Automotive & Software industries require female leadership.

What is the most challenging issue currently affecting the automotive industry?
While we are all focusing on the future impact of the CASE-trends and on their technical realization, I believe one common theme appears through all of them combined – it is the question of what kind of Future we, as citizens of the world, really envision for the next generations to come. I think the biggest challenge for Automotive companies is therefore in the clear definition of their future Purpose. It feels like at the moment we are all like small children, being asked what they want to become when they grow up. And yet, we are not really sure – a space explorer, a truck driver, a doctor? It is exciting to bring more female opinions to the table now more than ever.

What do think the future holds?
I think the future holds a great promise for clean mobility. We will just have to go through the traffic light invention all over again – when the first cars were invented, there were no traffic lights and there was a lot of chaos on the streets – cars, horses, bicycles and so on. Until one day the traffic lights started decreasing the chaos and saving lives. I am very curios about the next traffic lights to come.

Stanislava Winkler, Head of Customer Value Sales for Manufacturing & Automotive, SAP Germany