Raare Solutions LLC is a woman-owned, award-winning Operational CRM Agency. We specialize in transforming data into compelling, personalized customer engagement programs, ensuring your brand message and experiences reach the right people at the right time. Raare Solutions employs 20 highly skilled CRM and Digital Marketing professionals who provide services for Campaign Design, Execution, Email Deployment, and CRM consulting nationwide.

  • We bring customer brand journeys to life
  • We fix marketing programs that don’t perform
  • We bring structure and process to digital transformation and CRM implementation projects.

Here are a few reasons why our clients love us:

  • Deep knowledge of customer journey touchpoints to support journey formation, design and execution
  • Extensive knowledge of automotive, travel and luxury customer journeys
  • Understanding of complex customer data repositories to target and segment the correct audiences
  • Knowledge of national and international regulations for compliance with consumer communication rules
  • Extensive, platform agnostic experience with major CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms to optimize platform performance, and achieve maximum ROI on your investment
  • Experience collaborating with complex company ecosystems of Client Teams, Executives, Agencies and vendors
  • We take pride in being easy working partners