Meet Lucie Chabert: R&D Innovation Engineer In Connected Services At Stellantis

Meet Lucie Chabert: R&D Innovation Engineer In Connected Services At Stellantis

by Marketing December 13, 2021

Tell us a bit about your current role or involvement in the automotive industry?

“From 2019, I am an innovation pilot engineer on IT off-board architecture on connected services in the R&D service of Stellantis.

I work on mid-term and transversal services on various subjects from electric vehicle, passerby maintenances to disruptive and AI technologies, which required a large scope of competences that is very entertaining and motivating. As we are in the innovation team, we can also imagine the future of the automotive world with the redaction of patents on creative new ideas and subjects. 

Moreover, the automotive world is leaving currently a big transformation and new paradigms are appearing with new businesses, architectures and innovations.”

What was your first professional experience within the automotive industry?  

My first working experience was directly in the automotive world when I was 15 years old, a short internship in a Renault aftersales repairs workshop. Of course I really enjoyed this first experience and then in my first engineering school internship I did it in R&D at Renault on the electric motor.  

I discover many things and places that I didn’t knew like motor tests benches, or CEM anechoic rooms for the electro compatibility tests of the vehicles in their environment. 

Then, my last working experience was for the Alten company, a mission for ex-PSA (Stellantis company now) when I work on the Electric & electronical perimeter in R&D always.  

Do you think you have experienced challenges within the industry that your male counterparts haven’t?  

As a women in a mainly masculine sector. I can say that I don’t see every day the difference because overall we are the equal as men. I always thought that if we want to achieve something in life, we have to work very hard to be able to succeed our ambition.  

What is your biggest achievement within the automotive industry, personal or professional?  

As I only begin my career (I began working for Stellantis in 2019), I can’t say even, demonstrate my entire potential. However, I do admit that I’m currently very proud to succeed managing my first project which is very interesting & entertaining with the management of different teams and by discovering other sectors that I previously didn’t know very well.  

I am also proud to have filed many patents and to be able to be then considered as an inventor.  

Do you have a favourite resource as a woman working in the automotive industry? Maybe a book, event, organization, mentor, or online platform?  

I just like the motorsport events where women are racing with men as moto E races with Maria Herrera or 24 hours of Le Mans with Iron Dames team.  

I always thought that more we have people who are coming from different cultures, countries and gender, more a society could then be open-minded and representative of the entire world, more a society can then increase the tolerance towards everybody, discovering new cultures and persons… 

Who is your inspiration as a female in automotive? 

At my last mobility motor show in Paris in 2018, I went to “MyJobAuto” an event proposed by the SIA organization (automotive engineers association) to meet automotive companies and to attend to automotive conferences.  

So then, I heard the R&D and CTO director of ex-PSA Company at the time who was Carla Gohin. I do admit that I didn’t heard about her before, but hearing her at that conference was very interesting and rewarding. I learnt many things of the automotive sector that confirm myself to work in this sector in particular and made me discover the innovation world.  

Nevertheless, at the time I didn’t knew that the story wasn’t finished.  

Indeed the year after, I was hired by Stellantis and I made a first presentation to her (who was my N+3 at the time). I was, of course as you can imagine very unreal and emotional to do it. 

What is the best piece of advice that you have received or that you could give to another woman working in the automotive industry?  

I think that one of the best advice as a women, but as a person before all is to always believe in our dreams, our inspirations because if we provide ourselves with the means to do it by always working hard, there is no reason that one day we can realize it. Keep work hard and keep strong it will happen…and of course NEVER GIVE UP (like the Bulldog).

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