Mary-Jo de Leeuw Justsaying Speaker Interview

Mary-Jo de Leeuw Justsaying Speaker Interview

by Marketing June 03, 2019
Mary-Jo de Leeuw Justsaying

Mary-Jo de Leeuw justsaying Speaker Interview – Stuttgart

Why are you speaking at the Women Automotive Summit?
The Women Automotiv Summit brings together everything that makes my heart beats faster: cars, gadgets and computers. It is a fascinating combination of an increasingly digital world where women also “stand their men”.

Why do you think such an event is important to the industry?
The Women Automotive Summit is an event about women in the automotive industry; but is not just for women. It is an event where technology meets the future.

What will you be speaking about / contributing to the event?
I will be speaking on the topic “What does succes looks like to you?”

What is the most challenging issue currently affecting the automotive industry?
Data! Who is collecting what data, who will benefit from all this data et cetera.
Since data is the new gold we better be carefull!

What do think the future holds?
As long as we live in a world where “becoming a princess” is considered to be the highest attainable for women, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.

Mary-Jo de Leeuw, Interim Manager Cybersecurity (& Policy), #justsaying