Linda Jackson Citroen Speaker Interview

Linda Jackson Citroen Speaker Interview

by Marketing May 18, 2019
Linda Jackson

Linda Jackson Citroen Speaker Interview – Stuttgart

Why are you speaking at the Women Automotive Summit?
Participating gives me a real opportunity to talk about my experience and hopefully
encourage more women to join this exciting industry.

Why do you think such an event is important to the industry?
In an industry perceived to be “macho” then it is important to reveal that there are real
opportunities for women in the industry. Events like the Women Automotive Summit
highlight that hard work, a positive state of mind, and confidence in their abilities can lead
women to success. I hope each of us at the Women Automotive Summit, but also schools
and companies, will create an atmosphere of confidence to make things happen!

What will you be speaking about / contributing to the event?
It’s all about confidence and taking risk so that all is possible”. These elements have been
important in developing my career and I hope to share a few key messages to encourage
more women to take the chance and become part of the automotive future.

Linda Jackson Citroen CEO