Christine Lemley Lemley Solutions Speaker Interview

Christine Lemley Lemley Solutions Speaker Interview

by Marketing June 03, 2019
Christine Lemley Lemley Solutions

Christine Lemley Lemley Solutions Speaker Interview – Stuttgart

Why are you speaking at the Women Automotive Summit?

The Automotive Industry involves many intelligent and passionate people. Women, though, are predominantly change leaders. This Summit highlights the change needed in the industry and propels women to the forefront giving them the opportunity to lead this shift. Being part of this change in the industry is exciting, monumental, and I believe we each have a unique contribution.

Why do you think such an event is important to the industry?

We need to hear different perspectives and fresh ideas. Women’s voices are just as important as anyone else’s and deserve a place at the table. This event provides the platform to be heard and invoke empowering discussions on topics most shy away from.

What will you be speaking about / contributing to the event?

Automotive Security is a topic which receives little discussion and yet stands to have an immense impact from the OEM to the consumer and everyone in between. Once we realize the importance of securing the vehicle beyond preventing accidents, then we can truly advance the automotive industry beyond a product that takes us from point A to point B.

What is the most challenging issue currently affecting the automotive industry?

Ensuring relevancy beyond merely a form of transportation. The modern vehicle is another world we live in and requires being at the leading edge of technology. Maintaining and improving technology is difficult in the manufacturing environment, as with most industries, but is now more critical to the future growth and expansion of the automotive industry.

What do you think the future holds?

As technology advances continue, it is imperative that technology become simpler versus more complex. Complexity and overengineering stalls innovation; simpler technology provides the path towards innovation and the future we all envision.

Christine Lemley Lemley Solutions, LLC, President – CEO