Anna-Charlotte Fleischmann-Kopatsch MHP Speaker Interview

Anna-Charlotte Fleischmann-Kopatsch MHP Speaker Interview

by Marketing June 03, 2019
Anna-Charlotte Fleischmann-Kopatsch

Dr. Anna-Charlotte Fleischmann-Kopatsch, Senior Consultant, MHP – a Porsche Company, Speaker Interview – Stuttgart

Why are you speaking at the Women Automotive Summit?

I have been working within the automotive industry for many years now and still enjoy it every day. But this is a male-dominated sector – for no reason! I want to show other women how exciting this part of the industry is. I think, that the automotive industry is very open-minded for talented women and I want to support this too.

  • Why do you think such an event is important to the industry?

On the one hand, it is great to meet other women from the automotive industry all over the world and discuss with them the development over the next few years. On the other hand, the great part of the automotive industry is, that you meet the people every now and then again and again. That is, I think, very special in this part of the industry. Being a women-focussed event, the WAS congress in Stuttgart can be an opportunity to highlight and support diversity on all levels of knowledge, markets and career stages.

  • What will you be speaking about / contributing to the event?

We are going to hold a workshop about “new ways of working” within the automotive industry and we are very excited, where our discussions are going to bring us to. I like this topic a lot, because of its variety and many possibilities as well as point of views. After setting an impulse what new work means for us we will discuss different aspects like the arrangement of new offices, the usage of new technologies, tools and methods, but of course also the need of cultural changes especially focussing on the aspect that women are more and more an essential part of the automotive industry. Therefore I am very excited about our outcome at the end of the day.

  • What is the most challenging issue currently affecting the automotive industry?

The automotive industry is changing from hardware only, to a software driven sector. To master the change from traditional automotive engineering to a modern hard-and software developer, the manufacturers can´t afford to forgot the vast potential women have to offer.

  • What do think the future holds?

I am sure, that the automotive industry will experience a tremendous change from a car seller to a provider of new mobility concepts. Right now, as there are already autonomous flight taxis becoming a realistic possibility, I am sure, that there is more to come that we can´t even think of right now!

Dr. Anna-Charlotte Fleischmann-Kopatsch, Senior Consultant, MHP – a Porsche Company