Ahu Serter Fark Holding Speaker Interview

Ahu Serter Fark Holding Speaker Interview

by Marketing June 03, 2019
Ahu Serter Fark Holding

Ahu Serter Fark Holding Speaker Interview – Stuttgart

Being the best alone is overrated, being better together is the real challenge and women are good at it! 

Why are you speaking at the Women Automotive Summit?

The role women in the automotive industry have been disregarded for a long time.  The whole eco-system, both our sector and the mobility world, is finally coming to an understanding that women have a major part in this as consumers, designers, engineers a and managers. Diversity and collaborative intelligence make companies better


Why do you think such an event is important to the industry?

Being the best alone   is overrated, being better together is the real challenge. It is not enough to have one woman in a board, one woman at c-level. Being the first women or the only one in something is not enough. One is a lonely number and its time for women to come together and help each other climb up the ladder.


This is also why I founded Arya Women investment Platform, an organization which aims to turn more women into investors and invest in women-owned businesses

This conference represents a unique opportunity for women of automotive come together, get to know each other and share their ideas about how women participation will make the auto industry better


What will you be speaking about / contributing to the event?

One thing is certain: Automotive industry will undergo a massive change in the very near future. OEMs are spending billions of dollars on discovering new technologies and trends for the upcoming CASE (Connected, Automotive, shared, Electric) revolution, and we are all wondering about and trying to find our place within this shift.

The workshop will be focusing on FARK Labs: an innovation lab to help us understand and design our future. We will be talking about the major challenges the corporates have to this kind of more radical innovation and what it takes to design places where open innovation, idea sharing and result orientation can thrive 

What is the most challenging issue currently affecting the automotive industry?

The industry is changing at a very rapid pace, but the heavy capital-intensive nature of the automotive business is preventing businesses to think and act freely. In order to be future-ready automotive companies need to gain the agility of their new technology rivals and create a work environment to nourish the new set of skills required for this rapid change.

It is extremely difficult for managers or companies trying to find the future by investing in newly trending topics such as electric cars, data analytics, electronics while maintaining profitability and reach the target returns on already invested capital.

What do you think the future holds?

The way people move is changing. It is not about building a car anymore .It is not about providing a variety of services for people to choose from  in order to move from one point to another. Data is the new raw material, because it is going to tell us which services customers are likely to use, when and how. People also care more about how they want to move from A to B, they want to move more efficient, clean, fast and comfortable.

So, depending which side of the adaptation medallion you are on, it can be either massive opportunity or existential threat, I don’t thing there will much chance for those whore are good at maintaining their status quo.

It is a big opportunity for those agile players who can understand and learn the new technologies. Before the entry barrier of the industry were so high that it was next to impossible for incumbent to find himself or herself a place in this game. The barriers have been lowered for a while due to the advancement of technology coming from outside of the industry, creating a chance of entry for new comers and it is most likely that these newcomers will be coming outside of the automotive industry. So we will have increased competition

On the other side, industry players who are too assured of their secure place or are not able to catch the right wave for change will not be existent in a few years

Ahu Serter Fark Holding President