We’ve Just Launched Our BRAND NEW Mentorship Programme!

We’ve Just Launched Our BRAND NEW Mentorship Programme!

by Marketing January 25, 2022

EXCITING NEWS: we’ve just launched our brand new Mentorship Programme!

We launched the scheme, because of an increase in demand: “Since launching the Women Automotive Network, we’ve had endless automotive professionals reach out to ask us about mentoring, so launching this new scheme seemed like an absolute no-brainer to us,” said Stephanie May, the Women Automotive Network’s Commercial Director.

Another reason behind the scheme’s launch, is our huge drive towards actioning change in the automotive sector, by pushing industry diversity to new heights. The scheme aims to support women in the #automotive industry by promoting networking, and career development.

The programme will enable mentees and mentors to be matched, based on mutual interests, with placements lasting up to six months (made up of weekly and/or monthly meetings, depending on personal preference).

Access to the program and the opportunity to be MENTORED is being offered for FREE to anyone who registers here for an Annual Pass to their 2022 events before January 28th:

– Spring Meetup: 7th March: #Leadership

– Annual Summit: 22-23 June: #Innovation

– Winter Meetup: 17th November: #DriveChange

Also, anyone who is interested in becoming a MENTOR, will receive a complimentary VIP Annual Ticket! To get involved, simply apply and register before the 28th January here.